Dailyresume 1.0: all your social networks in just one place

The best posts of your social networks

Dailyresume is an application that will show you the best posts of each day of your social networks Twitter and Tumblr. It was my final project on school.

dailyresume screenshot

The app was created with an scaffold created by JHipster, which generates (through Yeoman) the back-end with the Java framework Spring, and the front-end with the popular Angular: a framework created for Javascript.

The connection to the social networks works through Spring Social, which was adapted to connect to Tumblr and Twitter. With the help of Spring, an API REST service was created that was served to Angular which would show all the persistent data to the final user.

To find the best posts of the day, Dailyresume saves all the data on your social networks, searchs for the repeated terms, and then selects the ones that are more interesting for you; depending if you follow that person or is it just a post/tweet that someone retweeted/reblogged.

It also features an analytics part where you can see the evolution of your social networks, in real time (checking the activity of the last 24h) and comparing the last seven days by days and by hours. That’s really helpful to know when you can post, which posts are more interesting in certain hours, etc.

Check out the project on Github.

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