I’ve added an Amazon S3 implementation following this article but I found some problems and I added some extra methods that make a more complete class. First of all, the way that the article describes the connection to Amazon is deprecated. I kept the configuration through the application.properties file, but I implemented the AWSCredentialsProvider interface, […]

Migrating to Spring Boot 2.0.1 (and Spring Framework 5), I found out that the URL created by JsonDoc (2.0.19) to show their UI was giving me an error, like if the resource weren’t mapped. The URL is {your-path}/jsondoc-ui.html. They also have another one in {your-path}/jsondoc that only shows a big JSON with the description of […]

I was doing a translation system at work that lets the user create their own translations. That means storage in the database, and the use of all the layers of the application (of Spring Framework).  In our system the correct translation should be the one that is related to the language of the user. In […]

Python scrapper-audit Python is a language really easy to use, specially for tasks as scrapping. This project was created after the petition at work of auditing a website. I had to check some basic things of SEO and accessibility. To do a manual search of this few things that I had to check would take […]

What is this about? JHipster provides us with a good amount of options but sometimes we have to make changes to the defaults, like adding a new role that let us filter the users in different ways. When we create our application, we have only three roles: “ROLE_ADMIN”, “ROLE_USER” and  “ROLE_ANONYMOUS”. In our case we’re going to […]

A tutorial for beginners by David Garcerán Basics of the JHipster app This tutorial is an easy step-to-step to create an app based on Angular and Spring, and deploy it with Heroku. To make it as easier as possible we will do it with a JHipster [a generator that uses Yeoman to create a basic […]